Electronic equipment

Improper disposal of the equipment and technology that is easy removal of waste to landfill, significantly pollute the environment. In addition to color, black and precious metal office includes in its composition, and other metals and organic components. Metals such as lead, antimony, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, rare earth metals included in the electronic components are transferred under the influence of external conditions and soluble organic compounds and become the strongest poisons. All these components are not harmful to the operation of the product. However, the situation changes radically when the product goes to landfill ... Also behave plastic (plastic of various types, including bromine and chlorine additives, materials based on polyvinyl chloride, phenol formaldehyde), converting in the decay process in the strongest poisons such dioxins.

Using an integrated recycling system are minimized unprocessed waste, and basic materials (plastics, ferrous and non- ferrous metals) and valuable components (precious metals, etc. ) are returned to production.

Stages of recovery:

  • pre-sorting;
  • grinding;
  • sorting;
  • packaging.

Installed capacity - 300 tons per month.