Petroleum products

Disposal of oil is now particularly important issue of environmental and environmental impacts.

Waste mixtures of oil/water, hydrocarbons/water emulsions, waste oils are not suitable for the intended use (including waste motor oils, industrial oils, and mixtures thereof), are led into a vat plastic or metal containers. The separate collection and storage is provided by a small volume of the container in which each type of waste can be stored separately due to the number of these vessels.

The most common method of disposal in Ukraine - thermal (combustion) in the energy furnaces after being mixed with fuel oil.

Combustion technology has several advantages - it is easy to use and low cost, high speed and degree of recovery. However, there are drawbacks - present in the emissions of heavy metals due to the presence of additives in oils.

Disposal of petroleum products in the company "ECOGREENLINE" carried out in several ways:

  • assertion - after a while waste stratified: the top (being recycled for further use in other petroleum products), medium and low layers are cleaned to the maximum permissible level;
  • separation - separation of water from oil;
  • filtering - removal of solids and dissolved water;
  • recovery - recovery time properties using ion-exchange resins.

Modern installations for waste, which use the latest technology you can save up to 80 % of the volume of recycled oil containing products.

Installed capacity - 2000 tons per month.