Waste oils

Used engine oil is a significant source of environmental pollution , by volume significantly higher than discharges and accidental loss during the extraction, refining and transportation of crude oil.

In order to avoid contamination of the environment , it is necessary to competently implemented disposed engine oil, or - in the event of re-use - partial recovery.

The most common method of disposal of oil in Ukraine - burning stoves in power after being mixed with fuel oil. Technology has both advantages and disadvantages.

It's ease of use and low cost, high speed and degree of recovery. The disadvantages are the presence of heavy metal emissions due to the presence of additives in oils.

"EKOGRINLAYN" Disposal of waste oils in several ways:

  • assertion - after a while a process of stratification. The top layer is being recycled for further use, the middle and lower layers are cleaned to the maximum permissible level;
  • separation - separation of water from oil;
  • filtering - removal of solids and dissolved water;
  • regeneration - by using ion-exchange resins are restored working properties.

Using modern installations that use the latest technology - we can dispose of about 2,000 tons per month.