Mercury and mercury compounds

Metallic mercury is a highly toxic substances.

Poisoning occurs mainly by inhalation, 80% of inhaled mercury is absorbed by the lungs. Mercury vapors have no color, no smell, no taste, no saturation point, do not have an immediate irritating to the respiratory system, eyes, skin, etc. In severe poisoning by mercury vapor in a few days, there may come a death.

Waste containing as components or contaminants mercury, mercury compounds (including spent fluorescent lamps and devices containing mercury) - utilized at the facility for the removal of mercury waste D -1000.

Recycling technology:

Your device is loaded grinding media, (gravel fractions 100-150 mm), mercury-containing waste, and then the reactants to catalyst demercurization, demercurization immobilizing a compound of alkaline concentrate, process water. The charged portion of the waste is ground and the grinding medium is mixed with the reagents. As a result, metallic mercury reacts to form mercury sulfide, which is a nonvolatile, insoluble and low toxic compound.

Product recycling can be sent for disposal to landfill map IV hazard class or use as a filler in alkaline concrete intended for internal needs of the enterprise.

Installed capacity - 2,000,000 lamps per year.