Activated glass

Glass from cathode-ray tubes, or other activated glass - a source of much useful material the use of which saves natural resources and reduces the impact of hazardous activities on the environment.

The screen contains hazardous heavy metals such as strontium, barium and lead.

Recycling process takes place in several stages:

  • after the opening of the extracted metal mesh tube, rails, and there is a clearing of the phosphor. Phosphor dangerous both economically valuable and can be reused as a raw material;
  • glass screen separated from the glass cone. It is necessary to separately produce a thick portion in which the number of accumulated basic lead. For the deposition of glass crumbs process is carried out at constant irrigation water;
  • wastewater received by the sump, cleaned of sediment powders and crumbs of glass. The purified water is reused for washing and cutting stations, and pollution are removed and neutralized;
  • are removed from the windows of the remaining surface coating. Purification is performed dry.Air emissions containing dust, remnants of varnishes and resins are cleaned filter system.

The processed glass is sent to recycling .