We offer services for dredging the shoreline clean-up ponds and tailings pond etc. using modern technologies:

  • Clearing of a bottom of the rivers, channels, water basins, harbours, water areas of ports and ship-building factories;

  • dredging to 35 m., swapping on slurry pipeline on distance of 500 metres on height of lifting of 17 metres;

  • Alluvium of coastal territories under industrial and civil building;

  • bank stabilization;

  • Sealine clearing by submersible pumps;

  • Restoration of beaches and coastal areas;

Also, we provide the following services:

  • To swapping of aggressive, viscous, abrasive and water soil mediuims (the settled dirt, heavy sludges, sand, concrete stone, cement, bentonite, industrial and domestic waste, wastewater, a sewage, etc.);

  • Service and clearing of sludge lagoon  of ground sedimentation, clearing of tanks;

  • Alluvium of artificial islands;

  • Alluvium of dikes and levees;

  • Working out of slurry refuse dumps, ash storages and slag storage;

  • Submarine opening of breeds;

  • All kinds preconstruction and construction work;