Unsuitable agricultural chemicals

The chemicals used for decades in the field of agribusiness.

Pesticides - substances that have a high biological activity aimed at the destruction of harmful living things. Over the last decade, the consumption of pesticides has increased by 500%, there are several varieties of pesticides: insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Total recruited about 5,000 species. Despite the fact that only 10% of the 35,000 employed in 1945 were tested for pesticide toxicity to humans, the data from these tests make very much to think about.

In Ukraine, there is a big problem of obsolete pesticides and agrochemicals, which stocks have remained with us in large numbers since the days of the Soviet Union. According to official data of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, the country has accumulated more than 20,000 tons of obsolete and banned pesticides and agrochemicals most of which is stored in a dilapidated and unsuitable for storage rooms with broken packaging.

All these substances are toxic, and contain in their composition such toxic components as organic chlorine compounds, phosphorus, salts of copper, iron , mercury and arsenic. They are not only unhealthy for the world and nature, but on the man himself.

"ECOGREENLINE" uses the best way to destroy obsolete or banned pesticides and agricultural chemicals, and packaging from them - in high-temperature combustion (1100 oC) furnaces with a four off-gas cleaning system.

Installed capacity - 1000 tons per year.