Acids and alkalis

It's no secret that modern industrial companies produce huge amounts of chemical acids, and for the person they present the greatest risk.

Waste disposal solutions of acids or bases - this is a very difficult and dangerous business, because it is quite can form a variety of compounds, hydrogen, salt, water.

In addition to this process affects the environment, temperature, initial composition of the substance, the pressure - it's all make recycling difficult task that requires a specialist, special equipment and observe all safety precautions.

Acids are used today in the manufacture of dyes, chemical fibers and textile, oil, leather and a variety of other industries.

In turn, improper conduct of the process, for example, the discharge of waste into drains or storage can lead to irreversible consequences, namely harm to humans and the environment. It is also important to distinguish between types of acids, and in any case do not mix them, because it is dangerous.

Recycling takes place either by neutralizing them at a special station neutralization of acids and bases.

Installed capacity - 5000 tons per year.