Put a new plant recycling of fluorescent lamps and ultra-deep oil purification station

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Device for removal of mercury waste D -1000.

Installing neutralizes various wastes containing mercury vapor and metal , in particular spent fluorescent lamps.

Recycling technology:

Your device is loaded grinding media, lamps, and then the reactants to catalyst demercurization, demercurization immobilizing a compound of alkaline concentrate, process water. The charged portion of the waste is ground and the grinding medium is mixed with the reagents. As a result, metallic mercury reacts to form mercury sulfide, which is a nonvolatile, insoluble and low toxic compound. Product recycling can be sent for disposal to landfill map IV hazard class or use as a filler in alkaline concrete intended for internal needs of the enterprise.

The plant capacity is 2 million lamps a year.

Ultra-deep oil purification station.

The unit provides cleaning of all kinds of oils with a kinematic viscosity of 15-50 cSt (mm²/s).

The basis of the complex dielectric filters, ultra deep cleaning fluids like Fodg KF2-01.

The technology used in the installation is based on the removal of particulate contamination of the working environment through the force field, in particular, electrical.

The advantages of ultra deep cleaning:

  • The working fluid after treatment has purity grade level 8-9 on DSTU GOST17216-2001;
  • Particle sizes and deletes groups (up to 0.1-0.5 microns), any chemical nature and the moisture;
  • Adaptive management subsystems cleaning, led to the ongoing work in the most favorable modes, adapting to the specific properties of liquids and the properties of specific contaminants.


The plant capacity is 2000 tons per month.