LLC "ECOGREENLINE" part of the Ukrainian Ecological Consortium that integrates a number of companies working in handling all types of waste produced in Ukraine.

       The main task is Consortium activities associated with collecting, transporting, sorting, storing and disposing of waste hazard class 1-4 and recycling.

       To waste as secondary raw materials - are involved in the enterprise "Ukrainian industrial and environmental association" UKRVTORMA "which is part of the Consortium. They produce cardboard, toilet paper, plastic pipes, boxes, a wide range of products from secondary polymeric materials Flakes PET bottles and others.

       All specialized companies that are part of the Consortium - are licensed by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine for the collection, harvest recycled into operation in hazardous waste management. Some companies have licenses Industrial Policy of Ukraine for harvesting and processing ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

       In 2012, the companies that make up the Consortium were collected and recycled, or disposed of more than 720,000 tons of waste.


      We have many environmental projects, and we are gradually putting them into practice ...